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AICN HORROR NEWS: IF IT BLEEDS…IT LEADS debuts! Joe Dante’s DARK Kickstarter! RE-ANIMATOR apparel! MANBORG comic book! SINISTER VISIONS trailer! & MORE!

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Greetings, all. Ambush Bug here. As I keep getting word from the four corners of the world on new and exciting news in horror, I needed a place to put it all. So I decided to plunk them all in one little column which I’ll call “If it bleeds…it leads!” for lack of a better name. Don’t worry, my normal AICN HORROR review column will still be around every Friday, but I figured Thursdays are as good enough for horror news as any other day. Here goes!

Joe Dante Produced DARK gets Kickstarter!

Looking to back a movie with some of your hard earned shekels? Look no further than DARK, a thriller from director Nick Basile and produced by none other than Joe Dante. The film, which takes place during the chaos of the New York blackout of 2003, now has its own Kickstarter page. Here’s the official synopsis; Set in NYC during the blackout of 2003, Kate, a struggling 30-something model with a troubled past, has just moved into her girlfriend Leah’s Brooklyn loft but already doubts about their relationship have begun to loom. When Leah leaves for the weekend, Kate unexpectedly finds herself alone in the apartment in the midst of the worst blackout in North American history. As darkness falls over the city, Kate’s paranoia grows and she begins to believe someone in the building is stalking her. With no one to help her and escape out of reach, Kate is forced to confront her deepest fears as she fights to survive through the night. The film stars Whitney Able and Alexandra Breckenridge. For more on this project, click on the link. Below is the promo for the project from Joe Dante.

And the trailer for the film.

FAMILIAR makers bring us HEIR!

From the makers of the amazing short film FAMILIAR comes HEIR, starring the hardest working man in horror, Bill Oberst Jr. and Robert Nolan. The film is directed by Richard Powell and produced by Zach Green, Marc Roussel, Ron Basch and Richard Powell, HEIR is described as; After connecting with a stranger of similar interests online, family man Gordon and his son Paul, embark on an ill-fated road trip in which Gordon aims to indulge in a secret passion. Before the day ends a horrible truth will be uncovered and a harsh lesson will be learned. Sounds like more psychological horror goodness and given the way FAMILIAR turned out, I’m eager to see what else these guys have up their sleeve. Follow this link to find out more info on HEIR and for the hell of it, check out FAMILIAR in its entirety below!

Awww yeah! It’s a MANBORG Comic Book!

Fans of MANBORG (and who isn’t a fan of this awesome film—reviewed here) rejoice. The part man/part machine action star will star in his own comic produced by MANBORG director/creator Steven Kostanski, written by Peter Kuplowsky and Justin Decloux, with art by Matthew Therrien. The comic will be available this October and will premiere at the Toronto FanExpo, August 22nd. Based after the Marvel Comics of the 80’s and 90’s, check out the retro-cover for the first issue on the left! Details will be announced on when and how you can get a copy of MANBORG #1 on their Facebook page. Awwwww yeah!

Fright Rags has RE-ANIMATOR gear!

Looking for some new horrific gear to sport? Check out what’s new from Fright Rags. They’ve got limited edition RE-ANIMATOR apparel available now. They’ve got everything from t-shirts to hoodies to posters sporting images from the classic film. Click on the link to see more!

Flashback Weekend this weekend in Chicago!

As I mentioned up top and last week, get ready for Flashback Weekend, Chicagoans! The Midwest horrorfest of the summer comes back to the Rosemont area at the Crowne Plaza near O’Hare Airport and the Muvico Theaters this weekend (August 9-11th)!. I never miss this amazing festival and look forward to checking out all of the booths, the guests (George Romero, Danny Glover, ROCKY HORROR’s Patricia Quinn, Charles Band, cast reunions for DAWN OF THE DEAD and PET SEMETARY, and many more), and the special screenings (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, HATCHET 3, TRANCERS 1.5, PET SEMETARY, and YOU’RE NEXT!!!). Get tickets and much more info on the convention and all of the fixins by clicking on this link here!

New Anthology SINISTER VISIONS trailer debuts!

What looks to be a fun horror anthology is going to be available on DVD next week. SINISTER VISIONS is described as; a collaboration between filmmakers from USA, UK, Sweden and Denmark and features works from skilled writers such as Garry Charles, Stefan Bommelin, Henric Brandt, Rasmus Tirzitis, Cody Cather, Doug Gehl and Lars Egholm Fischmann while the directing has been in the capable hands of Henric Brandt, Doug Gehl and Kim Sønderholm.
SUCCUBUS is about a beautiful young blonde, Emma, studying to become an archeologist. On an excavation trip to Syria she finds something in the sand that is about to change her life completely. She hurries home hoping to be able to escape it, but she is about to get wiser.
MY UNDEAD GIRLFRIEND is a twisted story with a lot of morbid, dark humor, telling the story of the day Keith woke up next to his girlfriend who had out of the blue turned into a flesh eating undead and tonight he is about to meet her parents for the first time! This day is going to be a bit out of the ordinary!
MOTHER KNOWS BEST is the story about Carl, a somewhat shy man preparing for a date with his childhood sweetheart, Rebecca. Carl’s mother has quite a few objections about the date and she is not too shy to express them, though.
In A WOMAN SCORNED we meet Gail tied to a bed by Holly. Gail have had the nerve to start a relationship with Richard, who unfortunately is Holly’s former husband – and Gail does not approve at all!
Finally, GENITAL GENOCIDE presents us to serial killer Charles Albert Harris who, sitting on death row waiting for the switch to be turned on, takes us through his crimes while the audience of the court room listens. Harris wants a last reaction out of the audience that consists of many relatives of his audience – and a reaction he gets.

If the kooky trailer below is any indication, this one looks like a lot of fun. SINISTER VISIONS will be out next week and I’ll be reviewing it soon on AICN HORROR.

Ambush Bug is Mark L. Miller, original @$$Hole/wordslinger/writer of wrongs/reviewer/interviewer/editor of AICN COMICS for over 12 years & AICN HORROR for 3. He has written comics such as VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS THE TINGLERS & WITCHFINDER GENERAL, THE DEATHSPORT GAMES, & NANNY & HANK (soon to be made into a feature film from Uptown 6 Films). He has co-written FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND’s LUNA: ORDER OF THE WEREWOLF (to be released in 2013 as a 100-pg original graphic novel). Mark wrote the critically acclaimed GRIMM FAIRY TALES PRESENTS THE JUNGLE BOOK from Zenescope Entertainment & GRIMM FAIRY TALES #76-81. Look for GRIMM FAIRY TALES PRESENTS THE JUNGLE BOOK: LAST OF THE SPECIES available in February-July 2013 and the new UNLEASHED crossover miniseries GRIMM FAIRY TALES PRESENTS WEREWOLVES: THE HUNGER #1-3 available in May-July 2013! Follow Ambush Bug on the Twitter @Mark_L_Miller.

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