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Ang Lee to recreate classic fights, including Ali vs. Frazier, in his new 3D project!

Papa Vinyard here, and I got somethin' for ya...


It seems that Ang Lee has found his new project, according to Deadline. After pushing the limits of dramatic 3D filmmaking with LIFE OF PI, the Oscar-winning HULK director is now going to shoot a period boxing movie in the format. Details are sketchy, other than that it will be a look at the heavy hitters (hardy fuckin' har) of the boxing scene circa the '60s and '70s, but Lee's interest in recreating classic fights (like the "Thrilla in Manila" that pit Muhammad Ali against Joe Frazier) makes this film an intriguing prospect. If the wraparound story isn't too forced and arbitrary, and the fights are shot in such a way that recasting them and restaging them won't be a distraction, then this could be another captivating awards-grabber from the prolific, world-renowned Lee.


Who else you think we can expect to pop up in the film? George Foreman? Sugar Ray Leonard? Hell, why not a recreation of the Ali-Chuck Wepner bout that inspired ROCKY? Speculate away.

-Vincent Zahedi
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