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HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 loses its boss!!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

Deadline is reporting that the director of the original 2011 comedy hit, HORRIBLE BOSSES, Seth Gordon (THE KING OF KONG, IDENTITY THIEF, FOUR CHRISTMASES) has dropped out of directing the planned sequel. HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 was supposed to film this fall and that is still the plan. The reason for Gordon dropping out is only said to be “scheduling conflicts”.

The original film grossed $209 million worldwide on a budget of $35 million. So obviously Warner Bros wants to get the sequel in theaters soon. It sounds like Gordon wanted some more time and WB wasn’t willing to give it to him. Seth Gordon’s only project coming up is as an executive producer on the new comedy series, THE GOLDBERGS so I am not sure that I believe the scheduling conflict excuse.

I enjoyed the original and have actually re-watched it, but this seems like another misguided attempt at a comedy sequel. The first one had a gimmicky premise and wrapped itself up nicely so where do you go with a sequel featuring the exact same characters with the same premise? This kind of comedy sequel never seems to work out so I don’t have high hopes for this, especially if WB is rushing this into production.

HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 should hit theaters next year and so far the only confirmed cast members returning are Jason Sudekis, Charlie Day and Jason Bateman.

What do you guys think of this news? Are you excited for HORRIBLE BOSSES 2? How many successful comedy sequels have there been recently?

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