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From the set of Thor: The Dark World - Chris Hemsworth talks Loki, new baddie Malekith and how pissed off Jane is he didn't call when he was in New York!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I had the chance to visit the set of Thor 2 last year and today is the day that the veil begins to lift on that visit.

I’m a bit out of my comfort zone doing a set visit in pieces like this… if you’ve read my set visit stuff before you know I like to go in-depth with my set reports. The embargo for the actual set visit itself hasn’t lifted yet, but they’ve gone ahead and okayed the conversation we had with Chris Hemsworth.

It’s a little weird to do it this way, I think, but I guess dealing it out in pieces is better than holding everything until a week before release.

I’m going to give you a bullet-point rundown of the conversation, which happened in a tent in London while Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston filmed a scene we were not allowed to watch. It involved a battle of some sort and was shot outdoors, hence the fancy tent.

When Hemsworth came in, he was in full on Thor costume, which is pretty surreal to say the least. He was in good spirits, but just like the last few times I’ve seen him at work on a Marvel set he seemed unsure about what he could talk about. There were a few good bits to come out of the chat, though, and I’ve included those below. Enjoy!

- The events of Thor 2 happen as a direct sequel to the first Thor, not so much a sequel to The Avengers, but there are still things from The Avengers that play into the sequel, particularly when it comes to addressing where Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster. I jokingly asked if she was pissed off that Thor didn’t call her when he was in New York. I got a laugh out of Hemsworth and he replied “I think she will be, yeah.”

- Hemsworth promised meatier relationship stuff between Thor and Loki. Post-Avengers it sees Thor questioning what Loki wants and why he’s so dag-nasty bad (my words, not his, but I admit it would be funny to hear him say that with a straight face).

- Will there be as much comedy as in The Avengers? “Haha, well no because Downey’s not here.” He did say that Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings’ characters do have some great funny stuff together in the movie.

- Hemsworth says the Thor sequel will give us more Asgard than the first one and more of the Nine Realms. “There’s a bigger universe out there which we get to explore.”

- He also said Alan Taylor wanted a more grounded organic film than Branagh did. Hemsworth cited Taylor’s experience on Game of Thrones as being very much in line with what’s going on in this film in terms of how they blend the fantasy and the real world stuff.

- When asked about Thor’s relationship with Lady Sif, Hemsworth mumbled a bit, saying there was some peppering of the flirtation between the two in the first one and there may be more of that in this new movie, but he stopped short of saying anything really. With a smile he said “Politician” getting laughter from the crowd of geeks that had gathered to listen to him talk.

- Regarding Odin, Thor’s relationship with his father is still not perfect, but there’s a respect between the two that wasn’t there in the first film.

- How often can Thor and Loki switch between enemies and friends? “In the comic books you kind of roll your eyes sometimes at the amount of times they’re to being best friends. We wanted to keep in mind that Loki did just try to kill (me) for the seventh time and, you know, (destroy) Earth.” He did say that the moment in The Avengers when Thor says to mind what they say about Loki “he is still my brother” sums up their relationship perfectly.

- Loki vs. Malekith as a villain: “Loki has some sort of redeeming qualities… at times. He kind of lost his way as opposed to just never being on the right path to begin with. That’d be the difference between the two of them.”

That’s about it, actually. We only had a few moments with Chris. We also got to talk with Hiddleston, but that’ll be for another time. Hope you enjoyed the little bits and pieces from this short chat!

-Eric Vespe
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