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Julianne Hough Gets Sinful in the Trailer for Diablo Cody's Directorial Debut, PARADISE!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Diablo Cody is stepping into the director's chair with PARADISE. The film (written by Cody) stars Julianne Hough as a sweet, apple-pie Christian girl who goes off the rails and denounces her faith after she is disfigured in an accident. The film co-stars Holly Hunter, Russell Brand and Octavia Spencer.

Here's the official plot synopsis:

After a nearly fatal accident, 21-year-old Lamb Mannerheim (Hough) is beginning to realize that the world is much bigger than her small, God-fearing Montana town. Armed with a big, fat insurance payout and a checklist of untried sins, there’s only one place for her first taste of temptation…Las Vegas! And, with the help of a few new friends (Brand and Spencer), Lamb embarks on an oddball odyssey of lost souls, broken faith and cheap cocktails…a true journey of the heart.

Interesting is the distribution method that Image Entertainment is going for on this one. PARADISE will premiere on VOD exclusively via DirecTV on August 9th (at $10.99 for an HD rental and $8.99 for a non-HD rental). It will then see a small theatrical run in October.

Says DirectTV senior director of revenue and product marketing, Henny Patel to the LA Times:

“We’ve been trying to bring exclusive content in an earlier window to our subscribers since last year,” said Patel. “The whole idea is that often times these films don’t get representation across America, but with our 20-million subscriber platform, you have broader access.”

The VOD distribution method has definitely been gaining steam over the past couple of years, so if PARADISE finds success, DirectTV subscribers can probably expect more content in the coming months.

Cody expressed excitement in the release plan, stating, “they believe in my movie, and I’m excited to be trying something a little different. I think VOD is a pretty good place for an indie rom-com right now.”

What do you guys think?



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