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UPDATED! So who is the rumored actor up for the role of Mr. Fantastic in Fox's planned reboot of THE FANTASTIC FOUR!?!?

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I know Devin has some really good sources on this project so I would imagine this was something that was blown way out of proportion. I am hearing that Teller is up for the role but has not met with Trank yet. He is 26 and so is Michael B. Jordan so they are going to go young with the casting on this. I still hope this happens though as I think actual ability is more important than how old he looks. He has the ability to make this role his own. 

Original story follows:

The rumors surrounding Josh Trank’s (CHRONICLE) planned 2015 reboot of THE FANTASTIC FOUR have been oddly quiet since we heard that Michael B. Jordan was the preferred choice for Johnny Storm. That was three months ago but now our old friend, Jeff Sneider at The Wrap, is back with a new casting rumor. He is hearing that Miles Teller is up for the role of Mr. Fantastic in Trank’s reboot.

Teller seems like a hot choice as he is getting a lot of rave reviews and buzz for his role in this summer’s coming of age drama, THE SPECTACULAR NOW. He also got a lot of great reviews for his role in 2010’s criminally underrated film, RABBIT HOLE.

Sneider cautions that there is still a lot of work to be done on the script by Jeremy Slater and Seth Grahame-Smith and that a casting director still hasn’t been hired so this is still a long way from being a done deal. Teller has met with Trank and is “rumored to be the director’s top choice”.

If all of this comes to fruition, I am going to really be looking forward to this film. Michael B. Jordan is probably going to get an Oscar nomination this year and is one of the best young actors we have. Miles Teller has been great in the few things I have seen him in. Josh Trank’s direction in CHRONICLE was the best part of the film and Jeremy Slater is one of the hottest up-and-coming screenwriters in Hollywood. (For those of you worried about Seth Grahame-Smith, it is said he is only polishing up Slater’s script.) Fox is putting together a lot of young talent here so there is potential that this incarnation of THE FANTASTIC FOUR will wipe last decade’s cinematic atrocity from our minds.

Fox has scheduled THE FANTASTIC FOUR to blast into theaters March 6th, 2015 so we should be getting official announcements soon.

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