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UPDATE!! DOCTOR WHO: Matt Smith's Successor To Be Announced Sunday!!




Confirming reports below, he next Doctor - Matt Smith’s successor on DOCTOR WHO - will be announced on a special transmission to be seen this Sunday in the US and UK. 


The show will appear at 2pm EST this Sunday on BBC America [per BBCA].   The same show will transmit at 7pm UK time [per BBC One].  

More as we know more...






Seems to be some bustling on the DOCTOR WHO front today.  

MSN UK Entertainment’s Twitter stream has posted this message concerning an upcoming announcement at midnight tonight UK time...



...while the folks at BleedingCool are saying that Matt Smith’s successor - i.e. the 12th Doctor (or would that be the 13th Doctor given John Hurt’s recent infusion into the series as a previously unknown regeneration?) - will be revealed on a live broadcast this Sunday at 7pm UK time.  

Said broadcast will allegedly be hosted by Zoe Ball - Matt Smith and current WHO overlord Steven Moffat will guest.  Part of me can’t help but wonder if this means Zoe Ball will turn to the camera and say “I am the Doctor” - but it can’t be that obvious, can it?  

Based on details I can’t discuss too thoroughly at the moment, I believe it is highly likely (please note a margin for error) that we will see a new Doctor announced this Sunday.  

My guess is that BleedingCool is correct in its assertion that tonight’s announcement will, essentially, be a formal confirmation that the new Doctor will be revealed Sunday. Again, please note a margin for error.

I’ll be monitoring thoughout the day today - although may be on the road home when that announcement drops at midnight UK time tonight.  I’ll update this report as soon as I’m back - a few moments later. 

Stay tuned.  




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