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AICN COMICS: So you missed SDCC 2013 Part 5—“Gerry Conway Spotlight”, “That 70's Panel”, and “The Best and Worst Manga in 2013”!

Hey folks, Ambush Bug here. While I was doing scores and scores of interviews, AICN COMICS’ pal and all around great guy Jamie Coville took in 20 panels and brought his handy dandy recording device along to bring it all back to you. So even if you missed out on these panels, you can sit back and enjoy these audio files at your leisure without having to wait in line or sit in a room full of smellies…

Gerry Conway Spotlight (53:09, 48.6mb)

This was Conway doing a Q&A with the audience. Among the topics he answered questions on were the creation of the Punisher, the bridge Gwen Stacy was thrown off and the snap sound effect, how he got into Marvel, DC comics being like Mad Men TV Show in the 60s, how he broke into DC comics, how he then got into Marvel comics and some of his reasons for going back and forth between the companies. He revealed after Gwen's death he didn't read any fan mail or do conventions for a long time, why Gwen never came back, the Clone storyline, villains who were often throw aways like The Grizzly, the issues comics are facing today, how Phantom Stranger at DC was his first regular gig, his moving into writing TV and films. He also said that after writing Law and Order Hollywood thinks he can't write superhero movies. He is now writing a YA novel, he also told a funny story about the Spider-Mobile, both how it came about and it coming back one day in an unexpected way.

That 70's Panel (1:20:25, 73.6mb)

Moderated by Mark Evanier. On the panel was Tony Isabella, Val Mayerik, Elliot S! Maggin, Martin Pasko and George Perez. They talked about their 1st pro sale, when they felt they made it, "Oh Wow!" moments on working with their heroes. They explained was different about their generation from the previous one. Martin talked about a sad story of meeting a poor Bill Finger who told him to "always get the credit." The group talked about royalties. Mark Evanier told a funny story about being the 1st person to use express mail for DC. The group talked about how express mail changed the industry in both good and bad ways. Mark also told a funny story about being in a strip club with other artists that were also using Fed Ex. The group also talked about sexism in the industry back then.

The Best and Worst Manga in 2013 (47:47, 43.7mb)

Moderated by Deb Aoki, on the panel was Brigid Alverson, David Brothers, Chris Butcher and Shaenon Garrity. The group talked about the best manga in various categories and where it could be bought at the con (or seen online). They were fairly quick as they ran through the titles and Deb had a dinger if the people talked too long. They had all taken turns talking about their favourite books, sometimes 2 people would talk about the same book. They had pointed out that Fantagraphics is not publishing any bad manga right now. When they went through the worst list some of the best books were on that list too which generated a crowd reaction and debate among the panelists. They also had an under rated section too. Towards he end they were short of time and really rushed through the last of the books. You can find this list online here.

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