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Watch David Koechner get some CHEAP THRILLS at the expense of some sorry fellas in this red-band trailer!

Papa Vinyard here, and I got somethin' for ya...


Drafthouse Films has released a trailer for their SXSW pick-up, CHEAP THRILLS, and it does a good job of getting my spidey-senses a-tingling. The flick looks pretty fucked up and awesome, as our down-on-his-luck protagonist takes to doing increasingly out-there shit for money. We got David Koechner as the dude with the bankroll (and the clear case of psychosis) pushing these dudes to their limit, THE INNKEEPERS' duo of Pat Healy and Sara Paxton as the lead and Koechner's girlfriend, respectively, and Ethan Embry being way more VACANCY and not so much CAN'T HARDLY WAIT as Healy's buddy. This trailer gives you just enough of a taste of what Koechner puts these poor saps through, without giving you any payoffs, and merely hinting at the lengths our characters will go to for some of that proverbial "phat cash". This seems like a great, provocative conversation starter, and the dark recontextualization of these familiar faces (especially Koechner, who seems all-too-often relegated to the drunken hillbilly stereotype) is just a cherry on top. Looking forward to catching this one whenever Drafthouse rolls it out.


They went through all that trouble to bleep out Ethan Embry sayin' "cock", and they red-banded them anyway for the blood on Healy's shirt? What a gas.

CHEAP THRILLS will be released on VOD and (maybe) theatrically later this year.

-Vincent Zahedi
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