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Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig to reteam on SUSAN COOPER!

Howdy do, everyone, Papa Vinyard here.

This morning, The Wrap reported that Melissa McCarthy and her BRIDESMAIDS/THE HEAT director Paul Feig are gearing up for yet another collaboration. The film is entitled SUSAN COOPER, and is a female-centric spy comedy, allegedly in the vein of James Bond, specifically CASINO ROYALE, which Feig cites as inspiration. McCarthy is currently in talks to play the titular character, which they hope will have the franchise potential of BRIDESMAIDS and THE HEAT (which was shot down for both films by reluctance from their respective leading ladies).


With his female-centric entries in the sex comedy, buddy movie, and, now, spy flick genres, Feig is trying to use his clout to create a marketplace for female-driven films that directly rival their male counterparts, and I'm all for it. If you haven't read his Hollywood Reporter article that highlights just how much how big of a proponent of female comedy he is, check it out. I was a much bigger fan of THE HEAT than I was of BRIDESMAIDS, but seeing as this seems closer in tone to the former than the latter, I am intrigued by this project. I don't think anyone out there doubts McCarthy's natural charisma and talent, and while I don't see her playing a straight man-killer to match Bond's way with the ladies (although her promiscuous HEAT character is both believable and hilarious), I'd love to see her outside of her comfort zone, and to watch as she takes down some hatable, P.O.S. supervillains.


Feig's already written the script, and it doesn't seem like THE HEAT sequel is happening anytime soon, so we should hear more details about SUSAN COOPER in the next few months. I'm hoping they don't feel the need to pair her off with anyone; audiences have shown that they love McCarthy, and it's time for her to show what she can do without a traditionally-attractive, skinnier co-star to back her up.

-Vincent Zahedi
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