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John Ary's Super-Powered Cinematics: ROBO VAMPIRE (1988)!!

John Ary here with another installment of Super-Powered Cinematics.

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Today, we're traveling a bit off the beaten path for a low-budget knock-off of a late 80's icon. Let's head over to Hong Kong, where a narcotics agent named Tom Wilde loses his battle with a gang of drug smugglers. His body is then used as the foundation of a new high-tech enforcer of justice. As a cyborg, he must battle the bad guys... and their gorilla faced hopping vampires... and a ghost.

Watch out Robocop, there's a new armored badass in town.

I had originally intended to make a video about the great Italian character of Superargo, star of L'invincibile Superman, but fate intervened. The quad disc that I rented from my friendly neighborhood video store also had this little gem hiding on it as well. After watching it on a whim, I knew that I had to talk about Robo Vampire. It's also available on a double disc with another Robocop vs Vampires flick called Devil's Dynamite.   Is Robo Vampire the finest homage to Robocop in the history of cinema? Let me know what you think in the talkbacks or hit me up on Twitter (@john_ary) and be sure to subscribe to the AICN YouTube channel for more videos.

See you tomorrow for another installment of Super-Powered Cinematics!

Robo Vampire

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