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Sign The Petition To Get A DREDD Sequel Made!!


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One of the greatest cinematic travesties of the past few years was the heinous and in-no-way deserved underperformance of DREDD.  

Director Pete Travis helmed his aggressive, hyper-violent tale with an unwavering hand and decided vision - intermixing moments of uncompromising brutality with passages of transcendent beauty.  DREDD’s universe was visceral and seductive on a level we don’t see much in cinema these days; it’s a experience as much as it is a film.  

Few discovered DREDD in theaters - a crime given that it was one of the most impactful big-screen experiences I’ve had in recent memory.  This was due in no small part to the dispassionate promotion of the film here - evidently advanced by people who either did not understand the material they were advertising, or did not care.  Despite its lowly performance, word of DREDD’s wondrousness is still getting out...the movie’s home video performance has been admirable...and calls for a sequel have been incessant since the picture bowed almost one year ago.  

Toward this end, an no-line petition calling for another Karl Urban-verse DREDD film has recently been brought online.  Will it matter?  I don’t know...I’d have to say probably not if I had to guess.  BUT...we’re living strange days right now...with online minisodes and straight-to-digital product thriving as never I’d like to think that anything is possible.  

Accordingly, I thought I’d call said petition to your attention - as I know many AICN readers are fans of the first film.  At the end of the day, what could it hurt?  As jack Burton might say, “You never can tell.”  

You can find the petition, hosted by one of the Net’s foremost DREDD sites, HERE




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