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Danny McBride Gets In DEEP TIKI With Cameron Crowe!

Danny McBride Minotaur

Beaks here...

In a recent interview with The Huffington Post, Bradley Cooper revealed that Danny McBride will be joining the cast of Cameron Crowe's DEEP TIKI. Cooper stars as a weapons consultant who gets sent to Hawaii to negotiate the launch of a U.S. satellite with native islanders, who fear the entire operation could anger the gods. McBride's role is unknown at the moment, though it seems possible he'll play Woody, a likably macho pilot who enjoys a good deal of success with the ladies. The other known members of the cast thus far are Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams.

The 2008 draft of DEEP TIKI was a whimsical yarn that combined Crowe's cheery humanism with some wacky magic realism. It's possible Crowe has tweaked it since then, but he must really love the core of the story to have stuck with this script for so long. As usual, he's assembling a talented group of actors. Here's hoping for a return to form.

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