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Harry's Q&A With THE CONJURING's Lili Taylor From The Film's Recent Austin Screening!!

John Ary here with a conversation between one of the stars of The Conjuring, Harry and a room full of horror fans.

We were lucky enough a few weeks back to get an early screening of Lili Taylor's new film directed by James Wan, with Miss Taylor taking questions afterwards.

I've edited together a 5 minute segment where she talks about collaborating with Mr. Wan, what she learned from watching clips of exorcisms on YouTube and working with ghostbuster Lorraine Warren on the set. WARNING: Spoilers ahead...


Also, one member of the audience asked Lili about her own personal experiences with the paranormal...


I've also uploaded the entire Q&A here, where she talks about working with John Waters, werewolf transformations on Hemlock Grove, her upcoming gig on a JJ Abrams sci-fi series, and her experiences as an independent film actress. Apologies for the poor lighting, but dark movie theaters make for terrible looking video Q&A's.

If you missed it, here's my review of the film:

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The Conjuring

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