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Have you heard what was said by Neil Gaiman at Comic Con about his movie future?

Hey folks, Harry here - and this report from ImRichardCranium at Comic Con - makes me smile big.   The notion of more Neil Gaiman movies - and a possible soon good news on GOOD OMENS...  well, that's the good kinda omen I like to hear.   I'm pretty pleased with all the good things that have seemed to come out of Comic Con 2013, I feel adequately jealous about not being there, but I honestly feel that Comic Con shouldn't be something I do every year - I like to go on years where I really NEED to be reminded about how awesome fandom and this culture that really gets passionate about the things that preoccupy us.   Gaiman is one of our greatest preoccupiers.  GOOD OMENS would be the best.   But I'm also in love with the idea of getting THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE and THE GRAVEYARD BOOKS will be made.   I hope, by people that fully appreciate and can distill his genius into the world of cinema.   We do live in remarkable times to be a geek! 



Been reading for a few years now, and had to hurry back to my computer as I was super excited because I may have found my first scoop for you.  At the Spotlight on Neil Gaiman panel at Comic Con today he had a couple things to say about some of his books being made into movies.  He confirmed that The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and The Graveyard Books are being made into movies, which I assume you already know.  What he revealed was that The Ocean at the End of the Lane is currently being planned to start production in the summer or 2014.  Also when asked about a possible movie or tv show for Good Omens, he got very caught up on his words and was trying to refrain from saying something he shouldn't.  Eventually though he said that things are looking good for something Good Omens related, and that we could expect a big announcement in the future.  He seemed genuinely excited about this bit of info.
So I'm not sure what of this you already know, but I hope that some of it helps.
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