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ELYSIUM releases a couple of HD Featurettes focusing on... let's save that for the article!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I know that there's a lot of you that are trying to stay as pure as possible in terms of not knowing anything about ELYSIUM beyond perhaps that first trailer.   Well, I suggest you leave now - because these two featurettes carry a lot of awesome - and while nothing in these featurettes spoils the ultimate fate of Matt Damon's mission, perhaps you want every tech to be fresh for your mind the second it hits the screen.   That's valid.   Me, I like to scope as much out as possible.   I love these featurettes.  Watching Weta's tech being used by folks - and the fact they really drilled the exosuit to Matt Damon's skeleton is a sign of very real committment by Damon.   Wait.  What?  I'm being told that they didn't do that...  but wouldn't it have been cool of Damon to let WETA drill into his skeleton?  C'mon Matt, nut up! This film keeps looking great, it'll be here soon enough!



I don't think these Droids have ever heard or respected Asimov's laws!

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