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"Let's Cut Him Loose." Restricted RIDDICK Trailer Is Full Of Good Ideas!

Published at: July 19, 2013, 3:49 p.m. CST by mrbeaks


Beaks here...

According to my Twitter feed, Vin Diesel just gave Harry and our erstwhile Moriarty (Drew McWeeny) a shout out at Comic Con for their support of David Twohy's PITCH BLACK back in 2000. That film was a small-scale, brutally efficient sci-fi flick that introduced in Riddick the kind of laconic, not-terribly-trustworthy badass character John Carpenter used to specialize in. It was precisely the kind of movie Harry wanted to champion when he started AICN. When the movie found a huge following on DVD, Twohy and Diesel went big canvas with the character in THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, which took the franchise in a more fantastical direction. Now, nine years later, it's back to bloody basics with the tersely-titled RIDDICK. This? This is my kind of Riddick.


RIDDICK hits theaters on September 6th. It looks like stripped-down B-movie goodness.

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