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OLDBOY banner at Comic Con sure is a classic looking image!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I'm fired up to see this.  Spike Lee seems to get it - and I know Roy Lee, the producer, is bound and determined to make this the best film it can be.  But this is attempting to remake a masterpiece that was very Western while also being exquisitely South Korean.  The Red-Banned trailer was outstanding, but so far - this is my favorite image.   That's just a fantastic image - and knowing the story - yeah, just great.   That said, the email that brought this banner to me came from the PR company handling the film at Comic Con and the email says, "We invite you to search for our OLDBOY Hotel Escorts who are waiting to serve you" - Is this why I haven't heard from Quint tonight?  Such a strange phrasing.  This movie can't be seen soon enough for my money!




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