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Max Landis is no longer involved with CHRONICLE 2!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

We haven’t heard a lot in regards to a sequel to last year’s surprise hit, CHRONICLE. We know that original director, Josh Trank, moved on to direct the reboot of THE FANTASTIC FOUR. Now we know that original credited writer, Max Landis, has moved on as well. He took to Twitter to announce it:

So where does Fox go from here? We had previously heard from John Landis (Max’s father) that the studio was having issues with Max’s first pitch but apparently it was irreconcilable as they have decided to go their separate ways. What was it about Max Landis' pitch that scared them away? Is Fox just looking to rehash the original film and Landis wanted to buiild upon it? I would bet my money on that but we will know when/if CHRONICLE 2 comes to theaters. Stay tuned though as we should have some more information on CHRONICLE 2 soon. 

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