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Marvel wants Joseph Gordon-Levitt as DOCTOR STRANGE!?!?

Hey Yo, Draven here.

Get ready for a week of comic book movie news as Comic-Con is getting ready to invade San Diego, CA this Thursday. So what better way to kick the week off than with a DOCTOR STRANGE movie rumor? According to Latino-Review, Marvel executives are discussing the possibility of offering Joseph Gordon-Levitt the role of the comic sorcerer.

Obviously this far from JGL actually signing on to star as Doctor Strange and the odds are that somebody else will ultimately end up with the role. But, JGL is hot right now after his role in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and he fits exactly what Marvel is looking for with this role.

What do you guys think? Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt a good fit for Doctor Strange? If not who do you have in mind? Stay tuned as most people are expecting Marvel to officially announce the DOCTOR STRANGE film this weekend at Comic-Con.

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