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While You're Waiting For MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, Check Out This Very Promising Trailer For The Upcoming MAD MAX Video Game!!

MAD MAX video game screen  

The torturous wait for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - George Miller’s Tom Hardy-starring relaunch of the fabled post-apocalyptic franchise - seems to go on and on and on and appears to have no end in sight.  

When’s it coming out?  I dunno - 2014 from the sound of matters, but who knows?  

What’s it about?  Max helping some chicks get across the wastelands and badguys are trying to get ‘em.  Or something like that.  

Otherwise, other than a smattering of leaked production photos and THIS accidental reveal of Tom Hardy as Max...we know precious little about the picture.  

One thing we do know for certain:  new MAD MAX will come our way next year in the form of a new video game which’ll appear on both current and next generation consoles as well as PC.  Today we get our first look at a gameplay trailer from said game, evidently called...simply...MAD MAX...and it looks...

Pretty damn promising!  Take a look and see what you think.

Does this mean my deep-rooted desire for a LEGO ROAD WARRIOR game may never come to fruition?   Probably...but hope shines eternal... 



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