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International Trailer for LOVELACE Shows More Sex, More Story!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Last week, we got to see the first U.S. trailer for the upcoming Linda Lovelace (played by Amanda Seyfried) biopic LOVELACE. Today, the international trailer broke.

Frankly, this one is selling the film to me a bit more. It doesn't feel quite as generically biopic-y as the first trailer made it look. It's way sexier and has a bit more of a playful vibe up front. It promises sort of a Boogie Nights approach to the material, showing a fun and reckless look into the growing porn industry in the '70's, but then it steps back and digs much deeper into what was going on behind the curtain of Lovelace's career - particularly her tumultuous relationship with her controlling boyfriend/manager, Chuck Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard).

LOVELACE debuted at Sundance earlier this year, and Amanda Seyfried's performance garnered a lot of praise. And Linda Lovelace's story is an interesting one - she has been painted as both a sexually liberated hero and as the unwilling victim, depending on who is telling the story.

The film opens August 9th. What do you guys think?



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