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Warner Bros.’ Blu-ray 50-movie Best Of collection, $540.11 last year and $391.93 last week, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $184.99!! (69% Off!!) $3.70 Per Blu Motion Picture!! THIS WEEK ONLY!!

The 50 Blu-ray movies:

1. Grand Hotel* (1932)
2. Mutiny on the Bounty* (1935)
3. Gone with The Wind* (1939)
4. Wizard of Oz (1939)
5. Maltese Falcon, The (1941)
6. Citizen Kane (1941)
7. Mrs. Miniver* (1942)
8. Casablanca* (1942)
9. Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The (1948)
10. American in Paris, An* (1951)
11. Streetcar Named Desire, A (1951)
12. Singin' in the Rain (1952)
13. Gigi* (1958)
14. Ben-Hur* (1959)
15. North By Northwest (1959)
16. How the West Was Won (1962)
17. Doctor Zhivago (1965)
18. Cool Hand Luke (1967)
19. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
20. Bullitt (1968)
21. Dirty Harry (1971)
22. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971)
23. Clockwork Orange, A (1972)
24. Exorcist, The (1973)
25. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest* (1975)
26. Superman, The Movie (1977)
27. Shining, The (1980)
28. Chariots of Fire* (1981)
29. Risky Business (1983)
30. Amadeus* (1984)
31. Color Purple, The (1985)
32. Full Metal Jacket (1987)
33. Lethal Weapon (1987)
34. Driving Miss Daisy* (1989)
35. Goodfellas (1990)
36. Bodyguard, The(1992)
37. Unforgiven* (1992)
38. Natural Born Killers (Director's Cut) (1994)
39. Matrix, The (1999)
40. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)
41. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
42. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)
43. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King* (2003)
44. Million Dollar Baby* (2005)
45. Departed, The* (2006)
46. Dark Knight, The (2008)
47. Blind Side, The (2009)
48. Hangover, The (2009)
49. Sherlock Holmes (2009)
50. Inception (2010)

*Best Picture winner.


Herc-certified one of the funniest series ever forged!! The complete-series 11-season “Cheers” set, $242.49 in 2010 and $196.96 last week, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $112.49!! (55% Off!!) $10.23 Per Season!! THIS WEEK ONLY!! CHEAPER THAN USED!! Season six alone sells separately for $22.76!!

The complete-series 11-season “Frasier” set, $250.99 in 2011 and $183.74 in April, just plummeted to its lowest price ever: $112.49!! (55% Off!!) $10.23 Per Season!! THIS WEEK ONLY!! CHEAPER THAN USED!! Season ten alone sells separately for $22.22!!

The 18-episode second volume of “Superman: The Animated Series,” $26.98 in 2010 and $17.10 last month, just fell to its lowest price ever: $7.70!! (71% Off!!)

The third season of “The Rockford Files,” $37.99 in 2009 and $29.95 last month, has just fallen to its lowest price ever: $12.99 (68% Off!!)

The fourth season of “The Rockford Files,” $37.99 in 2009 and $34.99 last month, has just fallen to its lowest price ever: $12.49 (68% Off!!)

The latter and more exciting half of Syfy’s excellent “Caprica,” $38.99 in 2011 and $28.43 in February, is now $14.99!! (70% Off!!)

Blu-ray “Star Trek,” $35.99 in 2010 and $18.96 in March, just fell to its lowest price ever: $9.99!! (67% Off!!)

The fourth Blu-ray volume of “Masters of Horror” featuring Takashi Miike’s too-disturbing-for-Showtime “Imprint,” $21.49 in 2010 and $19.99 last year, has fallen to $5.25 (74% Off!!)



New This Week

Robot Chicken: DC Comics brings up some interesting points. Why didn’t Superman use his handy amnesia-kiss superpower more often? Also, isn’t Aquaman a pretty useless Justice League member – even in the water – when you’ve got Superman and Wonder Woman on the team? Wildcat’s fight with Darkseid is hilarious. Also enjoyed the “That’s Bane!” segments, the bank robber who decides to tickle Superman’s crotch and the bears tearing apart Abin Sur’s corpse as Kilowog uses his power ring to make Selena Gomez have naked lesbian sex.

Extras include:

The Making of Robot Chicken DC Comics Special

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special's Aquaman Origin Story

Chicken Nuggets

Writers' Commentary

Actors' Commentary

DC Entertainment Tour

Stoopid Alter Egos


Deleted Sketches

5.2 Questions



TV-on-Disc Calendar

Last Week
Deception: The Complete Series
The Dick Van Dyke Show 4.x (Blu-ray)
Guys With Kids: The Complete Series
Last Resort: The Complete Series
The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis: The Complete Series
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3.x
North and South: The Complete 1975 Miniseries
Party of Five 5.x

This Week

Ben 10 Omniverse Vol. 2

Bonanza 6.x

Dynasty 7.x

How the States Got Their Shapes 2.x

How The West Was Won 1.x

Kimba: The Complete Series

Last of the Summer Wine 1999

Portlandia 3.x

Portlandia 3.x (Blu-ray)

Quincy 6.x

Robot Chicken: DC Comics

Robot Chicken: DC Comics (Blu-ray)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Enter Shredder

Unforgettable 1.x

Warehouse 13 4.x

Next Week

Alphas 2.x
The Border 1.x
Combat 4.x

Damages 5.x
Endeavor 1.x
Femme Fatales 2.x
George Lopez 3.x
Hell On Wheels 2.x
Hell On Wheels 2.x (Blu-ray)
Legend of Korra: Book One

Legend of Korra: Book One (Blu-ray)
Liberty's Kids: The Complete Series
Matlock 9.x
Matlock: The Complete Series
Misfits 3.x
Orphan Black 1.x

Orphan Black 1.x (Blu-ray)
Power Rangers Samurai Vol. 5
Regular Show 1.x/2.x
Regular Show 1.x/2.x (Blu-ray)
Shameless UK 1.x/2.x
Smurfs to the Rescue

Sugarfoot 1.x NEW!!
Tom and Jerry: No Mice Allowed
The Virginian 8.x

Young Justice 2.x Vol. 2

July 23
Dragons: Riders Of Berk Vol. 1/Vol. 2
Duck Dodgers 2.x
The Jack Benny Program: The Lost Episodes

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXVII
Superjail 3.x

Super Friends 5.x
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3.x

July 30
The Angry Beavers: The Complete Series
Banshee 1.x

Banshee 1.x (Blu-ray)

Hunted 1.x NEW!!
Kendra On Top 1.x
Midsomer Murders 1.x-5.x
Power Rangers 4.x-7.x
Samurai Pizza Cats: The Complete Series

Star Trek The Next Generation 4.x (Blu-ray)

Star Trek The Next Generation: Redemption (Blu-ray)
Touched By An Angel 8.x

August 6

Battlestar Galactica: The Motion Picture (Blu-ray)
The Borgias 3.x
The Borgias 3.x (Blu-ray)

Community 4.x

Duck Dynasty 3.x

Fridays: Best Of
Gunsmoke 9.x
Midsomer Murders Vol. 22
Political Animals: The Complete Series
Ripcord 1.x
Ripcord 2.x
Smash 2.x

Smiley's People: The Complete Miniseries (Blu-ray)
Strike Back: Cinemax 2.x
Strike Back: Cinemax 2.x (Blu-ray)
Taz-Mania 1.x Vol. 2
The Thick Of It 1.x-4.x
Top Gear 3.x

August 13
Amazing World of Gumball Vol. 3

The Captains Close Up
Casper's Scare School 2.x
Combat 5.x
Doctor Who: The Green Death Special Edition
Doctor Who: Spearhead From Space (Blu-ray)

Enlightened 2.x
Family Ties 7.x
Girls 2.x

Girls 2.x (Blu-ray)
The L.A. Complex: The Complete Series

The Mindy Project 1.x
Once Upon A Time 2.x

Once Upon A Time 2.x (Blu-ray)
Perry Mason 9.x Vol. 2
Perry Mason: The Complete Series

Southland 5.x
Totally Spies 1.x

Ultra Q: The Complete Series

August 20
Being Human 5.x
Being Human 5.x (Blu-ray)
Boardwalk Empire 3.x

Boardwalk Empire 3.x (Blu-ray)
CatDog 4.x
Donkey Kong Country
Ghost Hunters International 3.x

The Good Wife 4.x
Mike & Molly 3.x
NCIS 10.x
NCIS Los Angeles 4.x

Parenthood 4.x

Revenge 2.x

Star Trek: Enterprise 2.x (Blu-ray)

August 27
Call Me Fitz 3.x

DC Comics Collection

Elementary 1.x
Ghost Hunters International : The Final Season
Grey's Anatomy 9.x

Prime Suspect: The Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
Sapphire & Steele: The Complete Series
Sons of Anarchy 5.x

Sons of Anarchy 5.x (Blu-ray)
The Walking Dead 3.x

The Walking Dead 3.x (Blu-ray)

The Walking Dead 3.x Limited Edition (Blu-ray)

September 3
Ancient Aliens 5.x Vol. 1
Criminal Minds 8.x
Ghost Hunters: Fan Favorites
The Haunting Hour Vol. 5
The Haunting Hour Vol. 6
Haven 3.x NEW!!

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (Blu-ray)
The Office 9.x

The Office 9.x (Blu-ray)

Parks and Recreation 5.x
Power Rangers Megaforce: Ultimate Team Power NEW!!
Person of Interest 2.x

Person of Interest 2.x (Blu-ray)

Regular Show Vol. 4
Revolution 1.x

Revolution 1.x (Blu-ray)
Route 66 1.x

Scandal 2.x
Sinbad 1.x

Sinbad 1.x (Blu-ray)
Spartacus 3.x

Spartacus 3.x (Blu-ray)
The Vampire Diaries 4.x

The Vampire Diaries 4.x (Blu-ray)

September 10

Army Wives 7.x
Awkward 1.x/2.x
The Big Bang Theory 6.x
The Big Bang Theory 6.x (Blu-ray)
Blue Bloods 3.x

Castle 5.x
Chicago Fire 1.x NEW!!
Homeland 2.x

Homeland 2.x (Blu-ray)
Luther 3.x
Mama's Family 2.x
The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis 1.x
Scooby-Doo: 13 Spooky Tales Run for Your Rife
Supernatural 8.x

Supernatural 8.x (Blu-ray)
VR Troopers 2.x Vol. 2

September 17

Adventure Time Vol. 5
Annoying Orange Vol. 3
Arrow 1.x

Arrow 1.x (Blu-ray)
Bates Motel 1.x

CSI 13.x
Dalziel & Pascoe 8.x
Doctor Who: Ice Warriors
Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka
Green Acres 3.x
Grimm 2.x
Harbor Command: The Complete Series
The Hollow Crown: The Complete Miniseries NEW!!
Leverage 5.x
The Mentalist 5.x
Nashville 1.x
Sofia the First: Ready to Be a Princess

Vegas: The Complete Series NEW!!
Waking The Dead 8.x

September 24
American Horror Story 2.x

American Horror Story 2.x (Blu-ray)

Hawaii Five-0 3.x
Hawaii Five-0 3.x (Blu-ray)
Inspector Gadget 1.x
Inspector Gadget 2.x
In The Flesh 1.x
Law & Order SVU 14.x NEW!!
Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

The Neighbors 1.x
New Tricks 1.x-5.x NEW!!
Scooby-Doo: 13 Spooky Tales Ruh-Roh Robot

South Park 16.x
South Park 16.x (Blu-ray)

2 Broke Girls 2.x

Two and a Half Men 10.x

October 1

Beetlejuice: A Halloween Spooktacular NEW!!
Littlest Pet Shop: Pet-acular Escapades NEW!!

October 8

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: The Complete Series NEW!!
Doctor Who: Doctors Revisited 5-8

Doctor Who: Terror of the Zygons
Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas
The Middle 3.x
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: A Very Minty Christmas NEW!!
Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas Special NEW!!

Robot Chicken 6.x
Robot Chicken 6.x (Blu-ray)
Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. 1.x

The Secret of Crickley Hall: The Complete Miniseries NEW!!
Totally Spies 2.x
White Collar 4.x

October 15
Hart of Dixie 2.x NEW!!
The New Three Stooges: Complete Cartoon Collection NEW!!
Smurftastic Journey

October 22
Transformers Rescue Bots Vol. 3 NEW!!

December 10

The Following 1.x
The Following 1.x (Blu-ray)

January 7

Copper 2.x
Copper 2.x (Blu-ray)

February 18

Game Of Thrones 3.x
Game Of Thrones 3.x (Blu-ray)

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