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AICN HORROR’s got a pair of new disaster film one-sheets proving Mother Nature is a bitch! Behold SEATTLE SUPERSTORM and SUPER ERUPTION!

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Greetings, all. Ambush Bug here with a pair of one sheet premieres for films which most likely have already been played on ScyFy for you, but nevertheless proving that Mother Nature is most definitely a bitch!

First up, just when you thought it was safe to wear your grungy flannels, SEATTLE SUPERSTORM happens! The film stars Esai Morales and ARCHER’s Ona Grauer. Here’s the official synopsis; A suspicious object is shot down over the waters of the Pacific Northwest, causing strong turbulence and ominous clouds that turn violently into a massive storm. As the heavy rains and hurricane-force winds wreak havoc in the city of Seattle, Major Emma Peterson (Ona Grauer: V, Stargate Universe) is handed the task of identifying the threat and securing the city, while trying to keep her own kids safe. As the weather turns even more deadly, she and her fiancé, scientist Tom Reynolds (Esai Morales: Caprica, 24), must work together to rescue her children and put a stop to the super storm that is threatening to annihilate the entire planet!

Below is the one sheet and trailer.

Next we have SUPER ERUPTION which I’m pretty sure is not porn. Nevertheless it stars Richard Burgi (TV’S Desperate Housewives), Juliet Aubrey (The Constant Gardener) and is directed by Matt Codd. Here’s the official synopsis; A “super volcano” lying dormant for thousands of years under Yellowstone National Park, is threatening to erupt and wipe out much of North America. As lava explodes through the park, Yellowstone’s top scientist (Juliet Aubrey) and a fearless park ranger (Richard Burgi) work frantically together on a plan to save not only the park, but the entire world.

Still pretty sure it’s not porn. Here’s the one sheet and trailer.

SEATTLE SUPERSTORM will be available on VOD and DVD on August 27, 2013.

And SUPER ERUPTION (not porn) will be available on VOD and DVD on August 13, 2013.

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