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And Heeeeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeeee's Boba!!!!



Boba Fett concept art (pre THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK)

I've always felt like Boba Fett (in terms of the specific character and his general mythos) was tragically mishandled in the STAR WARS films; the implications of the character and his background have always seemed far more interesting than the actualities that which were put on screen. I'm referring to film canon here - not Extended Universe entries.

Doing little to assuage my discontent is this video featuring Boba's unveiling tween the era of STAR WARS and Empire - featuring a stark white version of the character and a few nifty details whose intent was richer than eventually executed.

Here's the great Ben Burtt (sound designer on THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK) hosting a tour of Joe Johnston's protoFett costume - in a vintage reel shot between STAR WARS Episodes IV and V.



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