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John Ary's Video Review Of THE LONE RANGER!!

John Ary here with a look at the latest film to bring Ranger Reid, Silver the Horse and Tonto to the masses.

The Lone Ranger seems like it was made for no other purpose than to recreate the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The film feels bloated and loses steam midway through, only to be rescued by a triumphant finish.

Just my opinion. Let me know what you think in the comment section below or hit me up on Twitter (@john_ary). For more video reviews, features and interviews, be sure to subscribe to the AICN YouTube channel.

Lone Ranger Poster

Fun Fact: In the original Lone Ranger radio series, our masked hero had a nephew named Dan Reid. Dan Reid's son later would go on to wear his own mask and fight crime with the help of his sidekick Kato. The Lone Ranger's nephew's son is Britt Reid, AKA The Green Hornet!

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