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Last week. On “Mad Men.”

* Stan Rizzo, Don Draper and Ted Chaough all lobbied for California.

* Roger Sterling turned down his son-in-law’s proposal, fired Don and joined Bob Benson for Thanksgiving.

* “Looking forward to having you out in Detroit, Bob.”

* Sally confessed she didn’t want to do anything immoral and suggested Don just tell them what she saw.

* Don socked a minister, landed in jail, told a tale of a whorehouse, a toilet and a porn magazine, and made Megan cry.

* Peggy donned a minidress, finally slept with Ted and found herself behind Don’s desk.

* Pete learned his mom married before she hit the water, took a separate cab, couldn’t put the Z28 in first, and found himself flying to the coast.

* “Well, you know what they say about Detroit. It’s all fun and games till they shoot you in the face.”

* “Even if he thought it was rich??”

* “She loved the sea.”


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