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AICN Toys: Lebron James, HALO 4, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, NECA Spider Gremlin, BIG BANG Sheldon, And More!!




John Ary here with a quick look at a few action figure lines that are making headlines this week... As always click on the photos for an embiggened version and for more info follow the pre-order links...



Lebron James from Enterbay Lebron James from Enterbay Lebron James from Enterbay

Congrats to NBA MVP Lebron James for winning his second championship in a row. How will you celebrate? How about by playing with a 13-inch deluxe action figure that bears your likeness? Enterbay has posted new pics on its Facebook account of The Akron Hammer in toy form. It will feature two different hand-painted head sculpts, a tattooed body with 40 points of articulation, a home team uniform, 5 pairs of interchangeable hands, his signature headband, a Spalding basketball that can magnetically be held using a special set of hands, a figure stand and more. He will make his way to the court in August or you can preorder him here.




Didact – Unlocks the "Refractive" skin for Supressor weapon as well Didact – Unlocks the "Refractive" skin for Venerator armor Spartan CIO (Steel/Green) – Unlocks the "Bones" weapon skin for DMR Spartan CIO (Violet) – Unlocks the "Ruin" skin for C.I.O. armor Spartan Scout (Rust) – Unlocks the "Toxic" skin for Scout armor Storm Jackal – Unlocks the "Engage" weapon skin for Covenant Carbine Elite Ranger – Unlocks the "Chill" weapon skin for Storm Rifle Master Chief – Unlocks the "Riptide" weapon skin for Assault Rifle

McFarlane Toys has been making Halo action figures for awhile now, but its upcoming wave will include a very special feature for the first time ever. Every figure in series 2 will come with a unique code to unlock exclusive in-game content. The company has just revealed what special virtual items will come with characters in the series.


Look for this wave to release in September. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE WAVE 1 FROM HASBRO  

Avengers Assemble - Sky Attack FalconAvengers Assemble - Sky Attack Falcon Avengers Assemble - Shield Blast Captain America Avengers Assemble - Shield Blast Captain America Avengers Assemble - Inferno Cannon Black Widow Avengers Assemble - Inferno Cannon Black Widow Avengers Assemble - Gamma Fist Hulk Avengers Assemble - Gamma Fist Hulk Avengers Assemble - Cosmic Strike Red Skull Avengers Assemble - Cosmic Strike Red Skull


The Earth’s mightiest heroes will get a new 3.75-inch figure line from Hasbro. Based on the Avengers Assemble cartoon, the first wave will feature Captain America, Red Skull, Hulk, Black Widow, Falcon and Iron Man (not pictured). They will start shipping next month.
Gremlins 2 Spider Gremlin from NECA
Back at the 2011 Toy Fair, NECA teased us with a prototype for a Spider Gremlin based on the film Gremlins 2: The New Batch. After several years of waiting, it looks like we’ll finally get this gigantic action figure in our hands. It measures nearly 15-inches wide by 10-inches tall with over 30 points of articulation. It also features a hinged jaw, ball-jointed shoulders, elbows, and wrists, along with 8 massive spider legs that are each articulated in 3 places each and a display stand. This eight-legged freak will arrive on toy shelves in November or you can preorder it here.
Sheldon Cooper San Diego Comic Con Exclusive got the first look at the retro 8-inch scale uber nerd. He sports a Batman shirt and an oversized DC Comics/Warner Bros. swag bag. He will be available at the Entertainment Earth booth during San Diego Comic Con with the remaining figures to be sold on Entertainment Earth’s website after the show.
And finally this week, congrats to Jay and Wendy formally of Hot Chicks Cool Toy Review. They've launched a new high-end action figure review web series called Da Bomb Show. In their first episode, they take a look at the 1/6 scale versions of Barney Ross from Expendables 2 and Al Pacino from Carlito's Way.

That's it this week. Be sure to follow my toy blog on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to the AICN Youtube channel.

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