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AICN COMICS: Nutmeg reports in from Wizard World Philadelphia!

Hi everyone, Nutmeg here. If you've read my reports before, you know I love comic conventions. There's always something going on to fuel your appetite for more of everything: the celebrities, the panels, and (my personal favorite) the shopping. Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con, which I attended earlier this month with my husband, AICN @$$hole Matt Adler, has that and more.

Speaking of celebrities, the first up was a Q&A panel with Manu Bennett, better known as Crixus, the fierce rebel leader on Starz' recently concluded SPARTACUS series, and now Slade Wilson (AKA Deathstroke) in the CW's ongoing ARROW series. Bennett described the differences between the roles of Crixus and Slade in terms of music. He characterized the role of Crixus as big, theatrical music, and entertained the audience by imitating the sound of a kettle drum: "Boom, boom, boom." Bennett said his role as Slade Wilson was more like pop music. He mentioned the transition was a bit difficult to get used to, but said he was very much looking forward to future character developments for Slade, and had ordered a complete run of DEATHSTROKE comics delivered to his home so he could bone up on the character.

Turning to another DC character, meeting one actor who has portrayed the iconic Man of Steel would be cool enough, but two at the same time? That's what happened when I attended the Supermen panel, featuring Brandon Routh (SUPERMAN RETURNS) and Dean Cain (LOIS AND CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN). Routh spoke about his lengthy audition process for the role, after which he was still uncertain he'd landed it until he actually got the call. While talking about his approach to the Last Son of Krypton, Routh explained that he saw it as primarily about Superman. Cain, on the other hand, said his role was more about his life as Clark. He had mentioned that he enjoyed writing some of the episodes and was hoping to write more. Cain was sad to see the show end because he was curious to see Clark as a father, and how he would deal with a child who had superpowers. Routh and Cain were asked about being recognized primarily as Superman and neither was fazed by being known as the superhero, seeing it as an honor. Routh also urged people (with the MAN OF STEEL reboot in everyone's minds) not to be afraid to admit they liked his film, and joked that they could tell anyone who didn't that they simply weren't smart enough to get it. At the end of the panel, the actors mentioned it would be nice to do a panel with more Supermen, including Tom Welling (SMALLVILLE) and MAN OF STEEL's Henry Cavill. The dynamic between the older Cain and the younger Routh was fun to watch, though, as the interplay at times made it seem like we were sitting with a more experienced, adult Superman and a younger, greener Superboy.

Of course, no convention is complete without having to wait on a long line to meet some of your favorites. I waited for two of the WALKING DEAD cast members, Jon Bernthal and Michael Rooker, AKA Shane and Merle. Both were very friendly and welcoming, and Matt took the opportunity to ask Michael Rooker about his upcoming role as Yondu in the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY film. Matt pointed out that like Merle in THE WALKING DEAD, Yondu had lost his hand and had it replaced by a prosthetic. Rooker had clearly being studying up on his character, as he nodded enthusiastically and said "And it could transform into different things, right?" Although he found the coincidence funny, Rooker said it was just that, a coincidence, and it was unlikely that aspect of Yondu would appear in the film.

Along the show floor, I ran into another mythical character, Kevin Sorbo AKA Hercules, who really looks like he hasn't aged a day, and was as pleasant as can be. It's also nice to catch up with familiar faces (or in this case, voices) as Matt and I met fellow podcaster Optimous Douche in person for the first time. Douche teased us that after a few more years of marriage, we wouldn't be as keen to attend cons together. I don't believe it! We have way too much fun together.

Which brings us to the shopping. A convention really is the best place to find items featuring your favorite characters. I stopped at one kiosk and bought a "You Never Forget Your First Doctor" t-shirt for Matt's aunt who's a huge Doctor Who fan, and an "I'm Not Daredevil" t-shirt which is highly amusing to wear when I'm walking around with my cane. Most of the shops at the cons will order anything for you that they don't have with them, and that's how I got a Superman S-shield pendant (which came just in time for me to wear it to the MAN OF STEEL movie) and a Spider-Man "Keep Calm and Be Amazing" t-shirt. I saw another kiosk that was selling all kinds of superhero undergarments, but I decided to take a pass on that. I did, however, pick up a bathrobe designed to look like a Star Wars Stormtrooper. It's important to look intimidating when you first step out of the shower. So, at the end of my 2013 Wizard World Philly experience, I left with fun memories and an empty wallet. Until next year, Philly—in the meantime I gotta find a way to make some cash!

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