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Did COMMUNITY Creator Dan Harmon Enjoy Season Four Even Less Than You Did??


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Dan Harmon, who created and masterminded the first three seasons of “Community” before Sony and NBC jettisoned him, did not watch season four as it was airing.

But now that NBC and Sony have hired Harmon back to run the upcoming fifth season, he had to watch all five hours of season four to find out what became of Abed, Britta, Annie and their friends.

“I guess I already knew this, but apparently I’m a genius,” he allowed on his Harmontown podcast. “I think I feel pretty comfortable in expressing that [“Community’s fourth season] wasn’t my cup of tea.

“It’s not somebody doing what they do,” he said of season-four showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio. “It’s very much like an impression — an unflattering one. It’s 13 episodes of people doing, ‘Derpy, derpy, der, I’m Dan Harmon, der.’”

I must say, I quite enjoyed Port and Guarascio’s work on The CW’s 2007 sitcom “Aliens In America,” but “Community” is quite a different animal.

Harmon’s new episodes of “Community” are slated to hit NBC at midseason.

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