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Eddie Redmayne to get his genius on as Stephen Hawking in THEORY OF EVERYTHING!!

Howdy do, everyone, Papa Vinyard here.


Mike Fleming Jr. over at Deadline has reported that Eddie Redmayne (LES MISERABLES, BLACK DEATH) has signed on to play Stephen Hawking in the biopic, THEORY OF EVERYTHING. The film will focused on the relationship between Hawking and one of his two wives, most likely his first wife of 26 years, Jane Wilde. I can't imagine that they'd sign up Redmayne to play Hawking at 53, when he married his second wife, or that they'd linger on the controversial notion that she may have abused him while they were together.


While his role in LES MISERABLES was unfortunately arbitrary and bland, I've enjoyed Redmayne's work in films like BLACK DEATH and particularly, HICK, where he played a very enigmatic, freaky nutjob. This role is the kind of Oscar-bait actors wait their whole careers for, and if Redmayne can project the kind of overwhelming, overarching intelligence that made Hawking an international celebrity, he is almost sure to lock himself down a nomination whenever this comes out. That is, unless the film's a total dog, of course. Or the Academy could just be dicks and ignore his wheelchair-bound efforts like they did Bill Murray's critically-lauded performance in HYDE PARK ON THE HUDSON.

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