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Trailer for Psychological Thriller MAGIC MAGIC Shows an Incredibly Creepy Michael Cera!

Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Now that we've all gotten jacked up on the trailer for THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG, here's something a bit more understated. The trailer for Sebastián Silva‘s upcoming psychological thriller, MAGIC MAGIC hit today, and promises a deeply unsettling story. Juno Temple stars as Alicia, a young girl vacationing in remote region of Chile with her cousin and some of her cousin's friends, only to find herself in a rather sinister situation. You'd be tempted to think that this story sounds like the typical "Americans go on vacation and are attacked by American-hating locals", but this film promises something different, as the threat comes from within the group rather than from the outside. 

MAGIC MAGIC premiered at Sundance to pretty positive reviews, but for whatever reason, Sony has decided to skip the theatrical release and jump straight to DVD. Speculation indicates that this film just might not be for a mainstream audience.

Either way, I'm excited to see it. Cera is seriously creeping me out in this footage, and it's good to see him doing something a bit darker and more daring. This is a Michael Cera I would cross the street to avoid - not the one who is constantly having his lunch money stolen.

MAGIC MAGIC hits dvd on August 6th.



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