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From 50 SHADES to LITTLE MERMAID? For one screenwriter, it would seem so!

Howdy do, everyone, Papa Vinyard here.


Interesting. Deadline reports that Kelly Marcel has signed on to rewrite THE LITTLE MERMAID for Joe Wright (ATONEMENT, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE), after her work writing up the screenplay for 50 SHADES OF GREY. While she got the latter job due to her allegedly Oscar-pedigree work on the Walt Disney biopic SAVING MR. BANKS, this next gig kinda seems like an awkward jump for Marcel (and the Working Title producers that snagged her). Then you realize that they are both female-centric properties that deal with the psychology of a woman who finds herself introduced to a new world (bondage in GREY, humanity in MERMAID) that she could never truly understand until she's immersed in it. SAVING MR. BANKS is definitely shaping up to be a hot awards-season entity, and if it hits, Marcel's hiring for these rather different projects will make a lot more sense. We'll have to wait and see Marcel's product, but hopefully the similarities end there; one imagines that if crabs appear in 50 SHADES, they will not be the singing-dancing kind.


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