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New 4-Minute Trailer for White House Down!!!

Hey guys! Horrorella here...

What better way to start your week off than a 4-minute, explosion-filled trailer from Roland Emmerich's upcoming film, WHITE HOUSE DOWN?

This new trailer offers a better peek into some of the action sequences in the film (filled with plenty of fire, gun play, choppers and things that go "boom"). It also gives us a better idea of the role that Channing Tatum's character will play in the story.

In case you missed the first trailer, Tatum plays a Secret Service applicant who happens to be in the White House the day a paramilitary group decide to take it by force. Circumstance sees him as the only guy standing between the President (Jaime Foxx) and disaster. In true Emmerich fashion, the footage promises tons of action, and in all honesty, D.C. is probably toast.

If there is one point that is definitely selling me on this flick, it's the interaction between Tatum and Foxx. It looks like they are definitely letting Tatum run with some of the more comedic elements (as they should - if there is anything the last couple of years have taught us, it's that he has a fantastic instinct for timing), and the two actors have a great rapport together

Check out the trailer below. WHITE HOUSE DOWN opens June 28th.



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