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Wanna join AICN at the Alamo Village for MAN OF STEEL this Wednesday? Here ya go...

Hey folks, Harry here...   I'm still dying to see this film, from what my embargo'd associates - they're pretty blown away, and they're generally meaner than me, so I'm quite hopeful.   That 13 minute look at MAN OF STEEL, at this point - I look at the commercials and the trailers and all the media and my eyes open wide and just - it needs to be seen, badly.   

So how do we go about doing that?

Well this June 12, Wednesday night, at 10pm at the Alamo Village on Anderson Lane, we'll be watching MAN OF STEEL in 3D!

This means the sound will be awesome, the image will be awesome - and the audience will be awesome.  Nobody will text or use their phones, the audience will be respectful and ready to have a REAL GOOD TIME!   AICN style.

I've only got a little more than a 100 seats so - I want to make sure the most enthusiastic SUPERMAN fans are getting in.   SO - you need to show me what kind of Superman fan you are - you can do that however you can imagine that can be sent electronically.   But just know - this town has some pretty awesome comic geeks - Let's have some originality and honesty.  Also because of the limited amount of seats this is for groups of 2.   Show that D.C. pride, give it up for the MAN OF STEEL!


This Screening Is Full! All Winners Have Been Emailed! Check Your Mail and Best of Luck!!!

Alright, contemplate in your Fortress of Solitude and figure out how to beat Braniac's plan to keep you from seeing MAN OF STEEL!



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