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Brad Pitt surprised Austin audiences by showing up to AICN's screening of WORLD WAR Z last night!!

Howdy do, everyone, Papa Vinyard here.


Yesterday, apparently through mystical vampire magic, Brad Pitt did a cross-country tour of four nationwide WORLD WAR Z screenings to promote his upcoming zombie flick. His last stop was at the Ain't It Cool-hosted screening at the Regal Westgate in Austin, and the crowd seemed mighty happy to see Floyd/Aldo Raine/Tyler Durden in the flesh. It wasn't a huge Q&A or anything; he had a few words with Harry (including how he'd jet Angelina and the fam out of harms way if/when the real zombie apocalypse goes down), and briefly set up the film before he whisked out the back door. But man, if a personal appearance by one of the last real movie stars doesn't get your juices flowing for his newest flick, I don't know what could. We'll see if his powers of handsomeness allow him to show up to all of our theaters when WORLD WAR Z comes out on June 21st.



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