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Roland Emmerich to continue destroying Earth in EMERGENCE!!!

Hey Yo! Draven here.

Deadline is reporting that everyone’s favorite disaster director, Roland Emmerich and his production company have acquired the rights to a spec script called, EMERGENCE. Emmerich is attached to direct the big budget, alien invasion story.

This movie sounds like it will fit in nicely with Emmerich’s filmography, (certainly more than ANONYMOUS) as I am sure there are major landmarks being destroyed, hopefully more cars outrunning earthquakes and humans outrunning freezing air.

I don’t really have a hard opinion on Emmerich. I enjoyed 2012 for what it was, I hated THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW and I liked INDEPENDENCE DAY, so I am all over the place when it comes to his films. I will wait to see some footage to determine if I am actually interested in this.

There is no studio involved yet, and the producers will be shopping the project around soon to try to get somebody to finance this. Emmerich also has two sequels to INDEPENDENCE DAY in development, but I imagine we will see EMERGENCE before we see either sequel. 

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