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Affleck, Timberlake and Online Poker - New Trailer for RUNNER RUNNER

Hey Guys! Horrorella here...

The trailer for Brad Furman's (THE LINCOLN LAWER) latest thriller has just hit. The film is RUNNER RUNNER, starring Justin Timberlake as a Princeton student who loses his tuition money on an online poker site and then gets in a little too deep with the site's corrupt owner (played by Ben Affleck).

My initial reaction is "Online poker is still a thing?" On paper, it seems like this flick should have happened about a decade ago. But who knows? THE LINCOLN LAWYER proved to be a fun and capable thriller, so hopefully, RUNNER RUNNER will be in the same vein. And Affleck and Timberlake could prove to be an entertaining partnership.

RUNNER RUNNER opens September 27th. What do you guys think?



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