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Winter Soldier, Black Widow and Steve Rogers pop up in these spy shots from the filming of Captain America 2!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. So that Captain America sequel keeps deciding to shoot out in the real world. It's almost as if they want it to look good and have a grounded sense of reality or something. So, as punishment for not shooting in a big green box and making it look like a Spy Kids sequel naturally we've got a ton of civilians and reporters out there to get snap shots of what they're shooting.

It may sound like I'm passing judgment... I really am not. I love movie sets, I love seeing how things come together. All of this serves to get me more excited than most trailers and ad material.

Which reminds me, I better hurry up and get today's BTS pic column posted... will do that as soon as I wrap this one up.

So, here are a couple of shots from the Ohio filming that appeared over at Head on over to check out some more.

Enjoy some Steve Rogers shield carrying, Black Widow gun-holding and cyber-arm bad guy fun.

-Eric Vespe
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