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This September we're off to see The Wizard in a whole new dimension!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm no fan of 3D... Nine times out of ten I opt to see 2D when the choice is given to me... but if the fad gives the studios confidence to rerelease classics on a wide scale then I'm all for these 3D conversions. Jurassic Park looked good and I saw that James Cameron test reel years ago that featured LOTR and Star Wars footage converted and that looked fantastic.

So, the news that Warner Bros is re-releasing The Wizard of Oz in 3D and on IMAX screens (no less) this September is welcome. They're doing it in advance of the big 75th anniversary of the film with a brand new remaster. Oz will only play on IMAX screens for one week across the US starting September 20th, with a limited number of international screens to be announced later, per USA Today.

Watching Jurassic Park with a crowd was great. It reminded me of the old pre-DVD days when Disney would rerelease their vault titles theatrically, making it a special event as parents introduced the movie that impacted them to their children. Re-releases make film important in a societal way that can't quite be replicated by throwing on a disc at home. Especially to a child there's something about going out to the theater as a family that makes movies mythic.

Anyway, if 3D means we get to keep seeing classics on the big screen (and in this case a REALLY big screen) I say keep the conversion train rolling.

-Eric Vespe
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