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AICN COMICS: Check out this trailer to a fan made Punisher film that looks better than anything Hollywood has ever made!

Hey all, Ambush Bug here with a special trailer for Mike Pecci’s THE DEAD CAN’T BE DISTRACTED which is inspired by Greg Rucka’s most recent THE PUNISHER series from Marvel Comics. Now, this is a fan made film, but it sure as hell looks a lot better and more true to form to the comic than anything the three PUNISHER films we’ve been forced to endure in the past (though I kind of liked Dolph’s PUNISHER because it was filled with something I like to call Lou Gosseticity).

Find out more about THE DEAD CAN’T BE DISTRACTED here and enjoy the trailer!

The Dead Can't Be Distracted - Teaser Trailer from McFarland & Pecci on Vimeo.

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