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This New 13 Minute MAN OF STEEL Featurette Talks Kryptonain Chest Glyphs, Red Undies On The Outside, And More!!

A new featurette about the making of Zack Snyder's MAN OF STEEL is now online. 
It's 13 minutes long and serves more or less as an explanation/mission statement regarding the filmmakers' approach to Superman lore - touching on the decision to abandon the character's iconic red 'underwear,' the theory behind the Kryptonian 'skin suits' which prevail in the film, etc. 
MAN OF STEEL opens June 14.  My 6 year old won't let go of his MoS Movie Master Superman figure, and it has somehow become his most anticipated film of the year - although he's only seen one trailer for it.  Here's some insight into what awaits...




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