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AMC’s description for last week’s episode (since removed from the AMC website) was “Roger is tormented by a recurring dream.” I’ve no idea what AMC was on about.

Last week. On “Mad Men.”

* Don decided his ex-wife was skinny enough to bone again.

* A co-star lezzed out on Megan.

* Peggy’s boyfriend got stabbed, then Peggy stabbed him some more.

* Ted Chaough decided not to pursue the girl he kissed at the old firm.

* Duck Phillips tried to send Pete Campbell to Wichita.

* Roger took his grandson to “Planet of the Apes,” then discovered junior accounts man Bob Benson hanging around at Joan’s place.

* Harry claimed to feel strongly both ways.

AMC says of tonight’s “A Tale Of Two Cities”:

The agency works to hold on to a client. Joan is caught off guard. Written By: Janet Leahy and Matthew Weiner. Directed By: John Slattery.

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