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Duncan Jones' WARCRAFT is moving along nicely, gearing up to shoot early next year!!!

Hey Yo! Draven here.

It’s been a few months since it was announced that Duncan Jones was going to direct WORLDCRAFT, Legendary’s World of Warcraft adaptation, and since then things have been quiet in regards to it. Today though, we got word from producer Charles Roven (via Slashfilm) that everything is lining up for a first quarter 2014 shoot. “First quarter 2014 we’re going to shoot that movie.” He went on to add, “We’re moving forward; obviously Legendary is making that film and I’m having a great time with Duncan.”

Beaks has detailed Jones’ passion for this property before, so I won’t repeat too much of what he said. I will say that I am really intrigued by this project even though I know next to nothing about World of Warcraft (beyond the famous SOUTH PARK episode). The reason I am so interested in the movie is that Duncan Jones’ first two films showed a lot of promise. Now, he is going to get a bigger budget to play with and this is a passion project for him. I do think this has a really good shot to be our first great video game adaptation, and I am happy to see the project moving along.

What do you guys think in general of this movie? Is it going to succeed? Do you think Duncan Jones is capable of turning this into a great film?

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