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Sir Ridley Scott hires GREEN LANTERN writer Michael Green to rewrite BLADE RUNNER follow-up!!

Howdy do, everyone, it's Papa Vinyard here.


Sir Ridley Scott seems to be pushing forward with the sequel/follow-up to his '82 classic, BLADE RUNNER, despite a somewhat common belief that the original is sacred ground that probably shouldn't be touched, akin to that Ark in that movie that one time. Last year, he commissioned original writer Hampton Fancher (also responsible for lesser known flicks THE MIGHTY QUINN and THE MINUS MAN) to pen a draft for the sequel that, apparently, might not revolve around Harrison Ford's "is he? isn't he?" Deckard, and takes place "some years after the first film concluded." Today, The Wrap reports he's tapped screenwriter Michael Green to rewrite Fancher's blueprint.


Green has worked on a lot of TV over the years, including Heroes (some early eps), Smallville, and the original Cupid (yay!), as well as Sex and the City, Everwood, and the ill-fated shows Kings and The River (awww). His only feature credit is on that oft-heralded modern classic, GREEN LANTERN, but I don't think that should be held against him. There were a bunch of cooks in that kitchen, including three other credited screenwriters, so it's hard to attribute the entire hot mess of that production to him. For all we know, he may be the only one responsible for sending Jordan to Oa at all, giving the film its one 10-minute chunk of solid sci-fi comic book movie fun. Plus, he's got the gig writing the upcoming adaptation of THE FLASH, which probably wouldn't have happened if he was coming up the with the more embarassing elements of LANTERN.


What we do know is that he has experience with geeky properties, and knows firsthand the kind of backlash a lazy, hacky end product can create. Also, Sir Ridley seems to trust his vision, and he's been known to know a thing or two about a thing or two. He still has Cormac McCarthy's THE COUNSELOR on his plate; I'd imagine that after that comes out this fall, we'll get more word on the progress of this film and, most crucially, if it is, indeed, actually going to happen.



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