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Johnny Depp Skips Out On Barry Levinson's Whitey Bulger Biopic!

Johnny Depp Island

Beaks here...

Fuck you, pay me.

This is basically what you'll hear if you've the termerity to ask Johnny Depp to cut his standard $20 million quote nowadays. The Bargain Johnny days are over. He owns a fucking island. You want the Depp? Cut that check.

Barry Levinson's the latest filmmaker to learn the steep cost of doing business with one of the world's biggest movie stars. A while back, he got the actor attached to play infamous Boston mobster Whitey Bulger in a biopic titled BLACK MASS. With Depp onboard, he was able to attract Joel Edgerton to co-star as a disgraced FBI agent. But the Depp/Edgerton pairing (and perhaps the subject matter) proved underwhelming to potential buyers at this year's Cannes Film Festival, so the producers were forced to scale back the $60 million budget. Being that one-third of the budget was dedicated to Depp's salary, reducing costs meant asking Depp to take a 50% pay cut. Now Levinson needs a new Whitey Bulger.

If sales were soft at Cannes with Depp attached, I can't imagine this film getting made short of Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt coming on board. It's too bad. This is story well worth telling.

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