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"And introducing Carlos Estevez!!!" The first trailer for MACHETE KILLS is here!

Published at: May 30, 2013, 1:02 p.m. CST by AICNStaff

Hey Yo! Draven here.

There is our first trailer for MACHETE KILLS. Some of you may have seen it in front of FAST AND FURIOUS 6 or HANGOVER III last week and it was supposed to be released online around the same time. Some real life events delayed that but here it is, finally.

I enjoyed the first one and had a lot of fun with it. (Machete swinging out of a window, hanging onto somebody’s intestine was awesome). KILLS sounds like it is going to top the original with its sheer insanity and incredible cast. I can’t wait to see what Mel Gibson does with his role and Charlie Sheen going by his birth name is a really cool touch. I am sure we will get a better feeling for the tone and some of the insanity when the eventual red-band trailer is released.

MACHETE KILLS will be released September 13, 2013.

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