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Glenn Close Won't Be Ignored In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

Nordling here.

I really dig the left-field casting of Marvel Studios.  Remember, they cast Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, a guy who wasn't exactly burning up the box office at the time, and look how that turned out.  Robert Redford making a Marvel comic book movie boggles the mind.  And now GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY has landed what may be the most unusual casting yet, with Glenn Close as a leader in Nova Corps, according to Deadline.

I think Close is a actress of authority and would fill those shoes well.  I just think it's really cool that Marvel isn't pulling from the average casting to fill these wonderful roles.  It's a big universe to play in, and Marvel Studios' willingness to find the best actors for the best roles in their films makes me think that these movies aren't simply cash grabs, but that they have genuine love for these franchises.  GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY opens next year.

Nordling, out.

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