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Got Questions For The Creators Of THE VENTURE BROS.?? Now’s Your Chance!!

I am – Hercules!!

I’m doing a live radio interview with “Venture Bros.” creator Jackson Publick and his trusty fellow writer/voice actor Doc Hammer.

It starts 8:35pm PT / 11:35pm ET Saturday in anticipation of the series’ excellent fifth-season premiere Sunday 11:59pm.

If you’ve questions for these fellows, you’re welcome to call in via the toll-free call-in line:

But if phones and radios make you nervous, you can also post your questions in the talkback below.

You can listen to the Saturday interview LIVE by hitting the “Listen Live” button at

Is the fifth season premiere any good?

Oh yes.  The supersized hiatus (Sunday’s episode is the first regular installment since 2010) appears to have done “The Venture Bros.” a world of good. June 2’s hilarious and wildly imaginative hourlong episode, which covers three months in the characters’ lives, represents a real return to form. Triana Orpheus’s rejection pushes Dean in new, slightly less dweeby directions. Billy Quizboy acquires his own Guild of Calamitous Intent-certified archenemy. And the Monarch has been watching a lot of “Game of Thrones.”

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