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Do you smell what Bedrock is cooking!?!? WWE to help produce a new FLINTSTONES movie!!!!

Hey Yo! Draven here.

Here is some strange news to kick off the day, Variety is reporting that WWE Films will help produce and release a new animated FLINTSTONES movie for release next year. It will have a supporting cast consisting of current and former pro wrestling stars like John Cena, CM Punk, and owner Vince McMahon. (Don’t expect The Rock).

This is keeping in line with the WWE’s attempt at being more family friendly and obviously really works out with Warner Bros wanting to do something with their FLINTSTONES property. WB and WWE are already teaming up to bring us a SCOOBY-DOO film set at Wrestlemania next year and I assume that is going well if they are already planning their follow up together.

I have been an on and off again pro wrestling fan during my life, (those of you who understand my opening line know this) but I am not the target audience for this so it is hard to get worked up one way or the other. I have about as much emotion in regards to a WWE FLINTSTONES as I had when Seth MacFarlane was trying to get his FLINTSTONES TV show off the ground (hint: not much).  All of WWE’s adult films seem to fail miserably and this seems like it will be a good investment for all parties involved. 

The untitled WWE FLINTSTONES project will be released straight to video sometime next year. I know, I can feel your guys' excitement from here. 

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